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Why Teach on Secondary School E-Learning Platform?

When you help others along their creative journey, it’s rewarding in more ways than one. By teaching on Secondary School E-Learning, you can grow your online following, give back, and earn money. Top earning teachers make $100,000+ each year.

Secondary School E-Learning teachers are real working creatives and experts eager to share their expertise. If you’re an experienced creative pro with tips, techniques and skills to demonstrate, we offer an extensive suite of resources and responsive support to help you create classes that inspire.

Teach Challenge

Join us in a monthly challenge for extra help creating your class. With milestones, feedback and prizes to keep you on track, you’ll publish your first class in no time.

How Teaching Works

Create Your First Class

Film your Secondary School E-Learning class and publish it with our easy class upload tool. We provide help every step of the way.

This resource is designed to help you translate your passion into an engaging, actionable, and high-quality Secondary School e-Learning class. 

Secondary School e-Learning teachers are everyday creators, entrepreneurs, and professionals — people like you! You don’t need to have experience teaching or be well known to publish your first class and grow a following. You’ve got this!

Grow Your Following

There are millions of members learning on Secondary School e-Learning. We’ll show you how to build your presence in the Secondary School e-Learning community and beyond.

Start Earning

You’ll be paid monthly for every member who watches your classes, forever. Top earning teachers make $100,000+ a year.

Earning Revenue

How Earning Works

Secondary School e-Learning operates under a subscription model, which means that students pay a monthly or annual fee for a Premium Membership, which includes unlimited access to our entire catalog of Premium classes, and other Premium features like offline viewing through our mobile app.

We compensate teachers for every minute watched by Premium students in their classes and for every student they bring to Secondary School e-Learning through their referral link. How does it work? 

  1. Earn Premium Referrals: Get $10 for every student you bring to Secondary School e-Learning that signs up for a Premium Membership. 

  2. Earn Royalties: Earn royalties based on the number of minutes watched in your classes every month.

Our top teachers make over $100,000 a year! In this section, learn everything you need to start earning money teaching on Secondary School e-Learning. 

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